Signal Integrity

  • Some of the main issues of concern for high speed boards are ringing, crosstalk, ground bounce, distortion, signal loss, and power supply noise. Through signal integrity we provide very much valuable and very effective solutions for these issues for the design which are still in progress and for the one which is completed as a part of resolving the issues.
  • We have successfully handled multiple and complex topologies on high speed designs.
  • We provide support for PCB layer stackup, materials selection and Layer ordering based on SI results.
  • With our highly capable and Experienced team we can handle Signal Integrity for both pre layout & post layout designs.
  • Through SI we validate different logic levels, Drive strengths, Different types of termination, Thresholds, Over Shoot, Under shoot, Pd, Slew Rate, Timing Analysis, EYE Diagram, Jitter etc.
  • We have handled designs with all major interfaces like SERDES, PCI etc.… and we have also handled designs which operates at more than 12Gbps designs.
Single Integrity Analysis

Power Integrity

Power Integrity Analysis
  • Through PI we analyze and provide solutions for Voltage Drop across plane layers, IC Switching noise, PDN Impedance profile validation.
  • Voltage drops, Voltage Noise.
  • PDN AC/DC Simulations, Impedance.
  • Temperature rise and Voltage Distribution and many more..

EMI / EMC and Thermal Analysis

  • System and Board level analysis.
  • Radiating Emission and Conduct emission at product level.
  • We provide Simple Solutions at PCB Design level to avoid EMI/EMC issues.
  • Detailed analysis and Reports which indicate profile of component and board temperatures.
  • Heat sink Design proposals.
  • PCB Design, fabrication, Assembly level solutions for better thermal dissipation both at PCB level and Product level.
  • Heat transfer namely Convection/Conduction and Radiation.
EMI EMC and Thermal Analysis
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