DFM is a process which falls between PCB Design completion and start of PCB Fabrication. This is needed to make sure The Gerber’s are manufacturing compatible so that we can save time with fabrication house by avoiding initial queries without Compromising or losing the design data.

DFM Capability

Signal Layer Checks

Checking for minimum clearance for all features on the board from fabrication point of view, Copper Slivers, etc.

Solder Mask Checks

Mask Slivers, Mask Coverage, Mask to silk screen checking.

NC Data Checks for Drill

Drill to drill clearance, Minimum drill sizes, Overlapping drills etc.… Netlist comparison for Checking Shorts on Gerber – IPC netlist verification to verify shorts in Gerber.

Plane Layer Checks

Antipad clearance, plane to plane clearance within same layers, power plane verification for bottle necks and minimum plane width on each plane layers, Copper slivers etc.

Silk screen Checks

Silk screen width and Size, Silkscreen overlap on drill, pads etc.

Panel Drawing

To have best utilization of master panel and to help assembly of multiple boards of same design at one go.



DFA is aimed at reducing the cost of PCB assembly and to fix a potential problem on the design before Gerber release. Fixing assembly related issues on assembly line might cost huge and some times impossible to solve. Finding these issues right at the Design stage itself will save time, cost as it avoids multiple builds to fix assembly issues. This in overall helps the customer to achieve his product delivery goals on time.

DFA Capabilities

Our DFA process are aimed at helping the customer to reduce his assembly cost without compromising the assembly quality.

  • BOM Scrubbing.
  • BOM verification with components used in Board and to the one which are to be procured..
  • Assembly related checking both from machine and manual assembly point of view.
  • Assembly Instructions or Build Instructions verification.
  • Verification of assembly of components from mechanical prospective.
  • Possible assembly issues and there work around.
  • Component availability.
  • Component to plastic interference etc…
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