Through our well defined process, procedure and strong skilled team we provide complete manufacturing support to our customer. We support both proto and high volume production which are of very high quality. We support both SMT and through hole assemblies which are supported in both manual and machine assembly. We also take care of the necessary testing at assembly level so that we make sure we have the best and reliable solution for you. Our expert team on component engineering will provide you the best and cost effective solutions in market to meet your timelines.


Capabilities EMS

  • Proto and High Volume PCB Productions and Assembly.
  • Component Engineering which also take care of alternative recommendations for component which are obsolete, necessary datasheets and certification details for the components.
  • Mechanical Enclosure manufacturing both pre and post PCB Design stages.
  • All our facilities are ESD protected and well handled facilities so that all your components are treated well.
  • With well defined process and checks we make sure your post design activities are hassle free and time to market.
  • We provide functional and PCB level testing for both proto and during production.
  • We also provide necessary mechanical and test fixtures development as per your requirement.
  • With quick re-work stations placed at most of our assembly houses we provide quick spot assembly solutions from smaller discrete components to IC’s which can be hand soldered.
  • We also support BGA re work and similar IC packages re-work.
  • Through our highly qualified and capable facilities we provide chip on PCB (wire bond), POP assembly solutions to our customer.
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