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With very well skilled Design team and having experience of more than decades we provide complete turn key solution, starting from schematic capture to Gerber release including all intermediate stages for our customers. Keeping the current requirement of the industry we improve our capabilities constantly and provide a cost effective, reliable design solutions to our customers with quality and time as the highest priority.

With through knowledge of entire product design process we can handle all the interfacing teams like Mechanical Engineering, Industrial Design, PCB Fabrication, PCB assembly and Components Procurement teams very effectively. This also helps to analyse the problems which can arrive after PCB design phases well ahead so that customer can target for first time right design from the PCB design prospective.

We support our customers who are spread across industries like Automotive, IoT, M2M, Telecommunications, Aerospace, Wireless Communication, Power Electronics, Consumer electronics and Technology Development companies.

PCB Design Solution
PCB Design Layout

PCB Design Expertise

  • RF Designs working at more than 80GHz.
  • RF designs with PA, Mixer, Directional Couplers, RF Switches, Baluns, LNA’s.
  • Military Applications based designs.
  • DDS/DAC, RF Synthesizer / Mixers.
  • Wireless devices, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM, Modems.
  • FPGA’s from Xilinx, Altera, Freescale, TI.
  • High Speed USB 3.0, SATA, HDMI,SERDES, MIPI,
  • All types of Ethernet, PCI Express designs. Fiber Channel based designs.
  • Power Supply designs operating at 440V, SMPS, Inverters, different types of power supply boards with buck converters etc.
  • Base Boards, Back plane cards, PCI expansion cards, Daughter cards.
  • Handling of multiple boards of the same system as turn key solution.
  • Single Chip Solution based mobile designs, high speed and latest technology mobile designs.
  • Fine Chip BGA’s and Die Chip based Designs.
  • Flex PCB Design, Both Flex and Rigid PCB mixed designs.
  • HDI (Stacked and Staggered Micro Via’s) Technology Boards, ALIVH Technology Boards.

PCB Design Capabilities

  • Handling of all kinds of High speed boards.
  • Interconnect boards, IO cards.
  • Flat and Hierarchical Based schematics which are constraint driven.
  • Analog and Mixed Designs.
  • All types of RF boards.
  • Handling of complete turn key project from block diagram stage to Gerber release.
  • Both in house and off-shore supports.
  • HDI, CDD, ALIVH Via Based Technology designs.
  • Test Fixture Designs, Test Boards, Evaluation Boards and Reference designs.
  • We support Cadence, Concept HDL, Altium, Mentor – PADS, Expedition, Eagle, Ki CAD.

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